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Worn by Champions

I love the cut, the style, the fit, and the finish. These have to be the most perfect pair of trunks Iv'e ever had. I will be ordering from you again! Thank you

Mark Pacheco


Just wanted to let you know, by far the best posing trunks I've ever had. I'll be ordering more - thanks

Lloyd Costello


Love the trunks. Great fit and cut. Thanks

Steve Grigoropoulos


Early this year I bought a pair of your trunks, the Grape one's, and i'm absolutely stoked with them.

Mark Mallinger


Just to let you know that I was so pleased with the trunks I received I decided today to go ahead and purchase another black pair

James Douglas


Seriously love the look and love the quality! Very impressed!

Dan Griffin



Please allow 3 weeks for making an delivery


Made to Order Mens Bodybuilding Posing Trunks

Please allow 3 weeks for making and delivery

Limited Edition Fabrics

These trunks are made from limited edition fabrics. We only have a small quantity of each so if you are looking from something a little different then get in quickly with you order.